All stories start with "once upon a time", and all history begins in the past. Mine is no different.
So, a few years ago, I, finally, decided to know better my country.  Normally, I chose the same places or the same areas to take vacations, because I already knew them, and I knew it'll be fun there. And what more do you want for your vacations?!!... To be fun, relaxed, meet people, have some different experiences... at the end, to feel happy and back home with very good memories in your baggage. But then, I start thinking, that I just knew a few areas in my country, all of them in the south or south-west coast, and I had to change that.
 I live in a small country, it's a very small country indeed, with 848 km length and 250 km width, and I have the luck to live in the center, so, to be anywhere it wouldn't be a very difficult task.
Every month I picked a weekend and chose a different place.
My desire was to know the north, mainly the east side, the historic villages, the mountains, the dams, the forest... and I discovered an amazing country, with so many beautiful places, with a strong, wild nature, with a strong and positive energy, vibration. I was fascinated! I did that, took a weekend every month, for, something like, three years?!! I'm not sure...
I slept in the middle of nature, normally, stopped the van in a dam, near the water, and spent the night there, watching the stars or listening to the rain on the top of the van.
Two years ago, I thought that I must have to share this places with the world, that they are too beautiful to be hidden, and then I began to raise this project, this idea, for you...

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